Wood flooring is a fantastic way to floor your home, but it can be difficult to know what colour will suit your space or fit with the style and aesthetic you want to achieve. We’ve put together this short guide on how to choose the colour of your wood floor to make it as easy as possible for you to get the very best look!


Wood flooring comes in a huge range of colours, especially with oak flooring as this can easily be stained, smoked and tinted to bring out different colours. Floors range from white through to natural golden tones (and even black!) so there’ll be a shade that perfectly suits the look you want to create.


Wood Floor Colour for...

Small Rooms


A wood floor for a small room is a fantastic choice. It can help it to feel luxurious and impact the character of the room. When you have a small room, it’s vital that you consider the light in the space. Dark floors can often make small spaces seem even smaller by limiting how light the room feels.


We recommend choosing a light coloured floor for a small space. One of our favourite colour ranges is natural oak wood flooring. Oak is naturally light in colour and therefore works perfectly for those smaller spaces that you want to feel light and roomy.


Another great choice is grey wood flooring. It’s perfect for those who want a more unusual look and the light colour is ideal for small rooms.


Large Rooms

If you’re choosing a wood floor for a large space, your options are much more wide ranging than with a smaller space. The thing to bear in mind is the lighter colours will help the room to feel even bigger. This can be a good thing if you’re looking to create a very open and light space. However, if you want your house to feel cosy despite the large size of your room, we would recommend choosing a darker coloured floor.


Some of our favourite tones for large rooms are coffee and smoked oak tones, especially with engineered wood flooring. They provide a rich colour that makes large rooms feel cosy and warm. You could even choose a walnut wood floor. These offer superb, darker tones that combine cherries, reds and warm browns to create a stunning floor.


Complimenting Furniture

If you’re getting a new wooden floor for an already furnished room, you’ll need to consider how it will compliment your furniture and furnishings. If all your furniture is very dark -- such as that made from walnut, stained black wood, dark leather or other dark-coloured material -- then a lighter colour floor will often work well. It contrasts the dark furniture and ensures the room still feels light despite the colour of your furnishings.


Sometimes matching the shade of your furniture with your floor can also be a really fantastic idea that compliments the room. It’s best to ensure that you choose a wall colour or wallpaper that creates a bit of contrast. For example, oak flooring and furnishings often look great with a light coloured wall, such as cream.


Colour for the Look...


Modern & Minimal

If you want to achieve a modern and minimal look in your home, then black, white or grey wood flooring might be the perfect choice. These colours are a little different from the most popular choices of wood flooring, which helps to create a contemporary aesthetic.



To create a rustic look in your home, it’s best to choose more natural tones of wood flooring. Pair a natural or golden oak with the perfect finish, such as handscraped, rustic aged or distressed. These finishes help to bring out not only the natural colouring, but the texture and patterns of the real wood floor.



Achieving a cosy feel in your home often comes down to picking the right colours, but also getting the right balance of colours. A darker tone of wood flooring works particularly well, such as coffee or smoked. However, we recommend pairing it with a medium to light shade of paint or wallpaper to ensure cosiness without it being too dark!


If you have any more questions about choosing the colour of your wood flooring, then let us know! We have a friendly customer service team who would love to chat to you over the phone -- or if you’re in the area, you could even pop into our showroom in Huddersfield.