Who doesn’t Love Autumn?

From the leaves changing colour, the cosier clothing, the peaceful walks and the shorter days. It’s all so mysterious and beautiful; the trees standing tall without their leaves like shadowy figures in the mist. The rustic reds, the vibrant orange and the bevelled-edge look to each and every leaf midvein that falls. Again, who doesn’t love Autumn? I believe its time to welcome fall and all its glory with open arms.

But to get you even more excited for the season ahead, know that you don’t have to leave the house to soak up autumn’s best offerings. After all, it is the season for more indoor hangouts, time spent at home and, brilliant, warm colours, all of which makes fall decorating especially lovely and important.

When we think of Autumn, you must remember to look on the bright side: take things slower, put your feet up and enjoy the more relaxed pace that this season is offering, taking a peaceful walk through forests, stargazing in the open skies and take a sip of the all-autumn pumpkin lattes.

Whilst you’re rushing from one bonfire night party to the next, keep leaves and dust at bay with flooring that is easy to keep clean. Hardwood Flooring is an easy option and can be kept in check all year round with a quick sweep and a mop.

We have a selection of Autumn themed Flooring perfect for welcoming the new season!

When we think of Autumn, we would recommend either a dark wood, red-brown or golden flooring for any home that is inspired by the beautiful colours of the outside world during the months between September – December. A wooden floor is a stunning investment for any home and dark golden floor is definitely a rising trend for 2019-2020.

Our selection is perfect for this yearly occasion, a beautiful vibrant design that gives a lot of texture as a stunning room feature. Our Autumn Flooring Selection is perfect for transforming a space to create your ideal interior vision and bring the outdoors in. All of the flooring is suitable for dining rooms, bedrooms, lounges and kitchen; so, you have no need to worry about the kids running around with their toffee apples and sweet treats.

To add the extra warmth to the home, our flooring would look perfect with a cosy rug, some autumn coloured flowers scattered around the house and some all-natural air fresheners. But be careful, because you’ll invite everyone in for a lovely hot chocolate to warm their belly’s and no one will want to leave!