There are many tips and tricks you can use to make a small room seem larger.  Use of colours on walls, the choice of furniture and where you put things can all make a difference to the perception of a rooms size.


Another trick, albeit a more permanent one, is to make sure your choice of wood flooring is correct.


When you use wood flooring, unless you are laying a parquet floor in a herringbone pattern, you will be laying it in strips.  These strips of wood draw the eye to the far ‘horizon’ of the room.


If you use thin strips for the flooring, there will inevitably be more strips.  This makes the floor look ‘busier’ in relation to the rest of the room.  The busier room appears to the eye to be smaller.


The trick is therefore to use wider planks when laying your wooden floor.  This makes the room less busy and therefore it looks larger.


Its basically an optical illusion that you can take advantage of for a larger feeling room.  The added advantage, of course, is that using wider planks mean that you use less overall.  Therefore, the fitting should be quicker and easier as there will be less flooring pieces to lay!  A win-win all round.


Here are some top tips for wider flooring ranging from 207mm wide up to 242mm wide.




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