Solid Wood Flooring – The Christmas Way

As we all know, Christmas is only around the corner with a few weeks left! Are you ready? We are! We are ready to share with you our Christmas ideas featuring our very own Solid Wood Flooring.

Solid Wood Flooring can help you achieve any style of your choice whether it be modern, rustic, colourful or traditional and not to mention it is a great buy for the Christmas months and it adds value to your home!; if you are not convinced yet, we give you some reasons below on why we think hardwood is what you need to rejuvenate your room.

Solid Wood Flooring is youthful which means it is bang on trend, but solid wood flooring has such an ageless look and timeless appeal that you won’t need to change it. The great thing about solid wood flooring is that if you change the items within your room, you won’t need to spend a fortune on replacing it.

With Christmas in mind, decorations will appear around the home including the famous Christmas Tree and tinsel! The best feature about Solid Wood Flooring is so hard wearing it means you could change the Christmas tree each year and the floor would match; and the floor can share another Christmas with you!

Let’s talk about Solid Wood Flooring maintenance… it is relatively straightforward.

We can imagine that over the Christmas period your floor may get wet after the possibility of trailing in the snow and rain and the most important factor in long-term maintenance is keeping the wood floor dry. This may mean, running after the little ones with a dry mop until their shoes come off!

We also suggest, if you are planning on dragging heavy objects across your floor (maybe the much larger dining table, so you can get all the family around) make sure you use felt protector pads to help prevent scratches.

When we think of a cosy Christmas, we think of a solid wood floor matched with a lovely comfortable rug and a warm fiery log burner with Christmas songs and hot chocolate. Just be careful not to spill!

We would love to hear any hardwood flooring Christmas ideas you may have!

Here at Flooring365, we hope you all have a wonderful festive period and a Happy New Year!

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