Redecorating your house, or even just one room, can feel like a monumental task at times, especially in the first stages. The best way to handle any re-decorating job is to break it down into individual tasks. It ensures you don’t miss anything, but also helps you to get your head around what needs doing and makes it feel much more manageable!

Re-Decorating Plan

Before you can start with anything, you need to have a plan for your re-decorating project. If you’re not a big planner, then it doesn’t need to be incredibly detailed, but it does have to contain the basics. What look do you want to achieve? When do you want to have it done by? What’s your budget?

These are three key questions, but lots of people prefer to plan in even more detail. Choosing a colour scheme, creating boards on Pinterest, visiting furniture shops… whatever it takes to get you prepared, that’s the place to start!

Get The Tools

With a plan in place, it’s time to make sure you have everything you need to execute it. Some of the points here you might need to do at different times according to your time-scale and plans. It will depend on your DIY skill too as to whether you’re going to hire professionals for each stage of the job or need to buy the right tools to do it yourself!

  • - Choose and order flooring - why not use a free sample service like the one at Flooring 365 to make sure you pick a floor you love?
  • - Buy sanding and other decorating tools, such as rollers and brushes
  • - Choose and buy paint/wallpaper
  • - Ensure you have old clothes that can get dirty!

Stripping Back

Once you’ve got the tools, you can really get started. Before your room can be decorated, you need to strip it back and prepare it.

  • - Take furniture out of the room
  • - Remove old wallpaper
  • - Sand the walls
  • - Sand skirting boards and other woodwork
  • - Remove curtains and blinds
  • -Prepare the sub-floor by sanding it to make it level (if necessary)


When your room is prepared, then fun can begin. This part is usually the best and most exciting as you get to see your room coming together!

  • - Paint or wallpaper the walls
  • - Paint skirting boards and other woodwork (such as door frames)
  • - Lay underlay and new flooring (we’d always recommend real wood!)
  • - Clean windows and surfaces that may have become dusty or splattered!
  • - Add light fixtures to walls
  • - Hang new curtains or fit blinds
  • - Move the new (or old!) furniture back in
  • - Buy a rug
  • - Buy new soft furnishings such as cushions to match your scheme
  • - Fit a new lampshade
  • - Hang photos and paintings

It’s worth noting that we always recommend that you painting or wallpaper your walls as the first step in redecorating. It prevents drips or splashes from damaging your new floor or your furniture. (If you can’t move furniture out of the room, ensure you cover it with dust sheets!)

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